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Why I don’t like chocolate

November 5th, 2003 · No Comments

It gives me a headache. I got one today for the first time in a while. In preparation for my trip to the grocery store tomorrow, I decided to clean out the cupboards and had to finish off the last couple segments of a dark chocolate bar. 🙂 But then I got a headache.

Chocolate started hurting me years ago. The last time I ate a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting I got a bad headache. I think that was back in 1996. I stopped eating chocolate a lot because I was trying to have a healthier diet. And, after learning that there was a correlation between caffeine and miscarriage, I also avoided chocolate for years during pregnancies and infertility treatment. So I lost a lot of tolerance. Brownies, chocolate cake, anything with cocoa powder is bad news for this head. Chocolate candy is okay, as long as it is not too much, mostly milk chocolate. It was only recently that I dared to eat dark chocolate again. A friend of mine who was in medical school back then, when I last ate cake, tried to explain my headaches to me, but I’ve forgotten it – I think she said caffeine dilates the blood vessels (?). I think sometimes people have a hard time believing me but it’s true – I can’t eat chocolate cake!

Maybe though tonight it was the wine. By dinner I really had a headache. And I only took a small sip or two of wine from my glass. I bought the Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet because it was on sale at Safeway, and because it had some medal stickers on the bottle – great way to pick a wine, huh?! Also too, since I had not yet liked a shiraz, based on what we had at the winetasting party , I was afraid to choose a pure one – the combination cabernet sounded better to me. Ted and I both liked it a lot!

Maybe though too it was the Matrix movie…..a bit intense!
Or the fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night, interrupted at least once by a child who couldn’t find her blankets…

Anyway I’m feeling a bit better now 🙂 And off to bed….

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