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Awaiting Jobs Keynote: links on presentations

January 10th, 2006 · 2 Comments

I’m not a Mac-fanatic, but I like to watch Steve Jobs speak. But I didn’t think twice about his style or appeal until I started giving my own presentations. Somehow I’ll try to find the video version of his MacWorld keynote (I can’t even access the website at the moment). Here are a few links that have helped me understand presentation style.

When Ted and I were discussing the upcoming keynote, he showed me the Guardian article Behind the magic curtain, a fascinating peek into the preparations behind Jobs’ presentations written by Mike Evangelist who is now blogging and writing a book about his time at Apple.

Darren Barefoot mentioned Presentation Zen’s : Gates, Jobs and the Zen aesthetic which helped me understand why I like the Apple presentations.

In the comments on Darren’s post, Derek Miller left a link to his Commentary About Power Point and Presentations.

Liz Ditz pointed me to 43 Folders: Your best tip on doing presentations which leads to some interesting places if you try to follow all the trails…

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