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Four things and five things: two memes

March 9th, 2006 · 2 Comments

Dave Winer tagged me a while ago…

Four Jobs I Have Had

1. Research assistant, immunology laboratory, studying the effect of stress

2. Milkshake mixer at a burger joint in Bellevue (no longer exists)

3. Watercolor artist, Arts and Crafts Fair (sold a painting!)

4. Volunteer coordinator at a 501(c)3 in Silicon Valley

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. Memento

2. Wings of Desire

That’s all, so far!

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

Does figure skating count? That’s the only TV we watch.

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation

1. Florida (honeymoon!)

2. Germany (twice)

3. Canada (too many to count)

4. Italy (Venice!)

Four Favorite Dishes (I am planning to eat three of the four later today…I can’t wait!)

1. Chicken curry (homemade, with bones)…or any curry

2. Salmon

3. Raspberries

4. Chocolate chip cookies (homemade, with three or four kinds of chocolate)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1. Blogher

2. Scripting News

3. Scobleizer

4. Bainbridge Buzz

Why do I visit these four daily – actually more than once a day? Because they are often updated frequently and have intense comments, conversations that I can’t read well in my aggregator, hot posts and news that attract traffic and start trends immediately.

I read – or used to read until I lost the laptop recently- dozens of blogs in my aggregator at least once a day.

Right now I am actually reading dozens of sites a day, and experimenting with visiting blogs instead of using an aggregator, but these four are the ones I put when I first considered the answers.

I also peek at CNN.com and Seattletimes.com for news.

Four Places I Would Rather Be

Well I’m pretty happy at home, with my own bed, bath and books to savor…but here are a few places I think I would enjoy…

1. Relaxing at the beach alone with my husband

2. Bicycling around Sunriver, Oregon with my family

3. Eating dim sum in Vancouver, B.C.

4. Visiting Australia

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging

Since I am so lousy at responding to “tags” how can I ask anyone else?

Jenny also tagged me a while ago, to list “five weird habits” about myself.

I actually can’t think of too many, at least ones that I am willing to list here!

1. I bit my nails into adulthood, until I started dating Ted.

2.I am particular about my toenails and cut them short and sometime at angles.

3. I wear wool socks non-stop six months of the year. And I’m crazy about fleece, so practical and warm!

4. I can crave protein, in ways that make my friends squirm. I used to eat raw eggs for breakfast, mixed in a glass with milk and vanilla (stopped doing it many years ago though, after some microbiology training). In college, and ocassionally now, I will eat tuna from the can, no mayo or dressing or bread. Eggs and tuna are economical sources of protein, and I find I can think and function much better after such indulgences. I do also like fruit, salads, yogurt…

5. I often stay up too late writing blog posts…!

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  • 1 Bob V // Mar 9, 2006 at 1:19 pm

    “1. I bit my nails into adulthood, until I started dating Ted.”

    Did you stop because one of the following?
    1. You were embarrassed to be a nail-biter dating such a great guy
    2. You were worried he’d feel bad about dating a nail-biter
    3. You felt guilt about being a nail-biter dating such a great guy (close to #1)
    4. You were older
    5. Ted made you feel mature or that you ought to be mature

  • 2 Lucy // Mar 9, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    Lol. Yeah, I started taking better care of my hands after I got The Ring. Mostly, because I found myself looking at my hand a thousand times a day and eventually thinking things like “hmmmm, a little lotion will make the skin smoother so the ring will look even better” and/or “hmmmm, I wonder what color nail-polish goes with diamonds” and/or “hmmmm, is there ANYONE I haven’t shown my ring to?”

    I was such an agressive and excited ring-displayer that I’m sure my suite-mate’s father thought I was having a seizure when I came back from Christmas break for that last semester and entered the suite with my hand outstretched and making squealing sounds. I don’t think it reassured him that all the other girls imemdiatedly understood and then we ALL made squealing sounds. While flailing. I think he went home with a whole new scary image of college life 🙂

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