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Crazy cat or crazy cat owners?

November 6th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Today I got a postcard in the mail declaring a “$2,000 Reward for information leading to Cato’s return” (in capital letters, large type) with a couple pictures of the beloved missing cat. Also a color picture of his collar that was blue, white and yellow with “Crazy Cat” written all over it.

I do have sympathy for this couple that has lost their cat. I remember when our family’s beloved Siamese mix disappeared around Halloween, twenty years ago or so. Silver had been a great cat to us, even purring while my retarded brother held him upside down. We kids were all heartbroken at his mysterious disappearance; we never found out what had happened to him, despite little posters I wrote and put up around the neighborhood.

But I have to say that I am amazed that such a grand sum of money would be awarded upon the return of a cat. A black and white mix cat at that, not even a purebred fancy cat. He has white paws and weighs 14 lbs. Neutered male. Even a microchip. I know all this because I read the stats posted on the card. The way the card is written though, even the font, reminds me of those missing children messages I get in the mail also. The pictures and pleas printed on milk cartons. So this seems a bit sad and sick, in some sense, to go to such an effort for a cat, even a beloved one. Two thousand dollars – not to mention the amount and effort it took to send a postcard to each household on this island of 20,000 residents. Wow. I can imagine other ways to spend that money, for lost and missing children, for example, or hungry children and families on the island.

The cat’s been gone for two months now. He must be loved a lot. And perhaps the love of this crazy cat is leading this couple to do these crazy things, like send postcards to every home on the island….I feel sad for this family in more than one way.

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  • 1 Joanna // Nov 21, 2003 at 1:22 pm

    How beloved does something have to be before you are willing to go to great lengths for it?