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Too cold to blog

November 30th, 2006 · 1 Comment

At least that is how it feels. Two blankets, a polar fleece jacket, wool slippers and a cup of ginger tea are not enough to warm me tonight, the fourth since the snow began on Sunday. Yet those of us who live on the Pacific Northwest coast can’t complain about the cold. We are wimps when it comes to weather. Rain, yes, snow, no. The number of days each year when the temperature drops below freezing can be counted on one hand. Snow horror stories however abound. A little becomes a big disaster. Ted and I slept on an airport floor when we were stranded at SeaTac ten years ago. We were only a year into our Silicon-Valley lifestyle, a year out of Rhode Island, and it seemed almost embarrassing to explain to our East Coast friends and family why Seattle couldn’t cope with a few inches of snow.

From the comfort of my aggregator this week, I’ve read about weather adventures in Vancouver north of the border and around Seattle. Myk O’Leary’s commute home titled How D2, a cell phone, and the Internet can keep you safe takes the cake for scary while Chris Pirillo’s snow angels get the award for frivolity. The Canadians I’ve been reading have posted some lovely pictures. I’ve kept clicking back to admire Tim Bray’s magnolia tree, one of my favorite ways to remember this snow.

Since we Leungs homeschool and work from home, life has been nearly normal for us despite the weather. The kids and I did our studies anyway; we’ll take our “snow days” another time. I wish I had some lovely pictures of our snow to share, however the memory card in my camera became corrupted before I could download the images (either due to moisture absorbed as I was photographing, or the magnetic wand one of my children was brandishing on my desk). Abigail made a snow guinea pig, a tribute to our pet Chatterboy, and here it is a couple days later:


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  • 1 COD // Nov 30, 2006 at 11:01 am

    Welcome back! They cancel school around here on the mere forecast of light snow. Most of the time, the snow doesn’t happen, and the parents end up complaining because the kids are still in school in mid June, making up snow days that never happened.

    We cancel for snow days, but that’s just because we want to go out and play in it 🙂

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