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The year in Flickr

January 1st, 2007 · 4 Comments

After I wrote our holiday letter I realized that I had a number of pictures in my Flickr account to accompany the summary of the year. So here are a few excerpts with the photos and explanations. I’ve also added at the end some pictures that I like from the year.

The welcoming committee for A-ma and A-yeh

The girls waited with banners to welcome their grandparents.

A-ma and A-yeh’s arrival

Ted’s parents sold their home in Pennsylvania, drove across the country and moved to the small town next door.

Carolers at Bellevue Square (including my future sister-in-law)

Susan sang carols in a quartet.

“Almost-Aunt Susan”

Julie’s brother proposed to his girlfriend, whom our daughters now call “Almost-Aunt Susan”.

Apple raspberry pie at Thanksgiving

Apple raspberry pie I made for Thanksgiving from a Martha Stewart recipe (discovered while waiting at the dentist)

Time with family

Thanksgiving was our big holiday of the year, hosting Julie’s mom, brother and sister along with Ted’s parents at our home.

Chicken pox in process

This picture of chicken pox is my most viewed photo ever with more than 2000 views…(are people using Flickr to make a self-diagnosis?)


The girls earned their immunity from chicken pox, two of them recovering in time to wear Easter dresses over their scabs.

Sisters and friends

The three sisters in downtown Poulsbo.

Growing girls

Abigail passed through levels of swimming lessons. Michaela jumped off the diving board and Elisabeth was fearless in the water. Our girls also have enjoyed soccer, dance, pottery and piano lessons. More than what is visible, we cherish the amazing changes in their minds and hearts.

Putting out the net

With our homeschool friends at the salmon hatchery.


New families joined our homeschool group this year: we are grateful for more companions in the journey.



This fall we adopted a guinea pig. In 4-H terms he is an “American broken senior boar” but to our kids he is simply their beloved pet and the star of Guinea Pig TV.

The three flowergirls

The three flower girls

A wedding and an anniversary

Our friends Chris and Ponzi invited all three daughters to be flower girls, and Julie was a bridesmaid at their December 9th wedding. It was a fun wedding and a great reminder – we celebrate our 15th anniversary in a few weeks.

More favorites from 2007

Giving a keynote at Northern Voice was an honor I’ll always remember. Speaking at SXSW was exciting. We also enjoyed going to Gnomedex as a family.

Butterfly free

I like this picture because it was a challenge. We watched these butterflies develop from caterpillars and then let them go.


“Preparation” is the title I gave this photo, and I like the way this picture from the Fire Station speaks about the work and mindset required.

Fish egg on fingertip (thanks JS!)

Our trip to the salmon hatchery was one of many adventures with our homeschool group this year. A tricky picture, trying to focus the camera on a fingertip of a child.

Self-portrait with Photo Booth

2006 was the year I cut my hair. A big decision. Symbolic of the year of changes and taking risks. My graph may be the reverse of Darren’s hair care graph, but I think I like the shorter ‘do even though it’s sometimes hard for me to recognize myself.

Calendula in snow

The weather this year has been memorable. This photo too was a challenge and I think I lost my memory card due to the wet. But who can resist the calendula blooming in late November, covered in snow, bright orange amidst the ice.

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  • 1 Brian // Jan 2, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    15 years is an incredible milestone – I know because Lori and I celebrate our 15th anniversary this year as well 🙂

    We have a fun, year-long celebration going that includes watching a movie for every year that we’ve known each other. Amazingly, that goes all the back to 1983 – we met in 8th grade! The first movie? Mr. Mom, of course.

    Your “burst” of posts have been great fun!

  • 2 Gene Blishen // Jan 4, 2007 at 9:25 am

    I lost your email address (of course) so have to thank you in this fashion.

    Including those buttons from Northern Voice is very kind of you. As you know my son did the design work and being the ‘starving artist’ that he is was very happy to see those on your blog. Being creative needs recognition at times, so thank you. And thanks again for your blog.

  • 3 Katherine // Jan 6, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Gorgeous, how beautiful your family and your heart are.

  • 4 :: jozjozjoz :: // Jan 13, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    What a lovely year-end wrap up. Your daughters are adorable! I loved seeing how excited they were at Chris & Ponzi’s wedding!

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