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The return of Guinea Pig TV

February 23rd, 2007 · 1 Comment

Thanks to the many fans who have linked (and loved) Guinea Pig TV (some even international!). We have had some technical difficulties but are now back on the air with four new episodes posted so far this week. The girls have continued to learn, writing episodes and beginning to edit them too. Thanks again to Derek Miller for his music.

First, I have not yet linked to March of the Gummy Penguins from this blog, an episode inspired by local stop-action animators (Ed Hager and Sarah Gould respectively – with special thanks to Ed for his advice) and created by the penguin-loving Michaela.

Tea with Piggy Episode #8 was written by Elisabeth, age 4. Blooper included.

When Daddy’s Not Home has a script that was simmering for a while in Abigail’s mind. We finally filmed it when Ted went to San Francisco in January. I had to learn some screencasting (with iShowU) to try to fulfill the plot.

First 4-H Winter Clinic Episode #10: Until this year I was not familiar with 4-H but now I am a big fan, after our first Winter Clinic. Take a peek and see what we learned. Abigail made a cage and Chatterboy got his ear tagged for future shows. Please note that this episode is rated PG: “sexing the cavy” is demonstrated.

As Dave Winer described so well, spring has arrived with some long-awaited sweet sunny days. Watch Chatterboy enjoy the crocus and garden in this Spring! special edition:

We’ve even had a request: someone who would like to appear on GPTV. Here are two ideas: One, create a clip or picture we could post. Or send us a postcard and we’ll send you one too!

Postscript: The girls watched Chris Pirillo’s Help! videos and were inspired. Now Chatterboy is asking Chris to help him with his problem: he eats his bedding. Chatterboy’s video voice (performed by Abigail) sends us all into giggles. But seriously, anyone have a solution? We need help!

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  • 1 Derek K. Miller // Feb 24, 2007 at 12:16 am

    Can we subscribe to it as a podcast? What’s the feed URL?

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