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A rare sight

November 8th, 2003 · No Comments

Looking for the lunar eclipse…
but all I saw was this sunset……

I liked the pink snaking through the sky, but I couldn’t believe the clouds had come. We had enjoyed clear blue skies all day until the late afternoon.
Here I tried to capture a tiny piece of them with the camera:


The other day I read in the paper that Seattle sees only 2.5 sunny days in an average November. So far we’ve been given more than our statistical fair share. One week into the month we’ve been treated to plenty of blue sky, bright and sunny. Not much rain. Not even that many clouds, just little wispy ones here and there. It’s wonderful, cheery, a little luxury we Northwesterners can treasure while heading into winter.

This image of expanded view, big and blue, cloudless and clear, an open horizon and inviting heaven has been a picture in my mind also recently. What I tried to describe in a poem about swinging earlier this week. This sense of healing and hope, freedom and flight. How I long to immerse myself, to let go and go into it. How high, how wide, how long and how deep! So often I feel trapped, caught in a corner, when what God has for me is the sky: clear and wide, deep and blue, grace not gravity, much more than I can imagine.

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