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Dahlia update

July 29th, 2003 · No Comments

In our local paper on Saturday, there was a front page article about two brothers, ages 8 and 11, who have a dahlia stand on the island. I had driven past it many times but I did not know who Zack and Eli were. If you come visit me on the island, I will treat you to a stop at their little stand. If you can’t come to the island, you can read about them here

Zack mentions that they have “talked to two different people that say they want flowers for their wedding this summer.” The thought of dahlias for wedding flowers is quite tempting….almost enough to make me re-consider my winter wedding – wish I could have had lots of those fiery flowers! Maybe we should have gotten married in July instead of January – a wedding with dozens and dozens of farm-fresh dahlias…
…but we wouldn’t have wanted to wait one day more to get married – certainly not until summer -not even for dahlias!

Oh yes, the dahlia I mentioned earlier is beginning to bloom. This morning I noticed that one of its blossoms unfolded a few fingers: the petals are a light lavender, one of my favorite hues. It will fit wonderfully well with the other flowers, the same color as my favorite shade of sweet pea, growing behind it, and slightly lighter than the butterfly bush with its purple flowers. It couldn’t have been a better color if I had selected it myself. I am amazed and grateful. What a revelation: I rejoice!

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