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No food on ferries: take a soda instead

November 15th, 2003 · No Comments

Headline local news story in today’s Seattle Times is No food on ferries? It’s possible Apparently the Washington State Ferry’s contract with the food service company has expired at the end of the year, and no one, not even the current provider, wants the work. So it looks like there may not be any more food available in the ferry restaurants.

Better pack a picnic lunch. That’s what we Leungs tend to do anyway. We’re not fans of fast-food cuisine. Although it has been nice to know that there is food available on the ferry, should we need it, and once in a while (when I was pregnant, I think!) we’d get an ice cream or bagel to tide us over until we got home. But I’m sure there have been plenty of tourists and friends of our family who’ve enjoyed clam chowder or a cup of coffee on the boat. I imagine many commuters will be unhappy.

Yep, time to pack a picnic lunch. Maybe pack a bottle of Seattle-based Jones Soda’s new turkey and gravy flavored beverage. Yum!

Never had a Jones Soda = I’ve noticed the artsy bottles in the grocery store aisle (they accept photo submissions for the labels). From the Times story today:

The noncarbonated drink has a faint meaty, peppery smell that falls short of teasing the taste buds like a turkey roasting in Grandma’s oven. The taste? Hard to describe. It has a salty, sweet lingering bite.

It took Jones Soda’s food scientists about 30 tries before everyone settled on the final product. The result, van Stolk said, is a distinctive drink that is free of fat and carbohydrates.

If it catches on, van Stolk said customers may expect other “meal” sodas.

“Some people say I should do a corned beef on rye with mustard, but there’s too much protein in that,” he said.

And I know the perfect market for those “meal” sodas….ferry commuters! 🙂

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