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Lemon and lavender laundry

November 17th, 2003 · No Comments

I’ve been trying to find ways to enhance the frgrance in my laundry. Since I use detergents that are less-fancy/more-natural and fragrance-free, I’ve had fun experimenting with essential oils. What I like to do, is to put several drops of lemon oil into the fabric softener bin in the washer. Then I put lavender oil drops on a wet washcloth with the clothes in the dryer. It’s a lot of fun to smell the clean lemony clothes in the washer, and the lavender ones in the dryer. Makes my work more enjoyable! Not all clothes retain the scents after drying, but cottons and towels seem to do well. Since my dryer exhausts outside, by our front door and garden, the smell of the lavender air greets those who come to our door, and cheers me as I tidy the garden. If nothing else, the lemon and lavender oils make my fingers smell sweet!

I’m curious if anyone else has any suggestions on adding pleasant scents to laundry?

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