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Stormy mornings

November 18th, 2003 · No Comments

I woke up this morning to hear heavy rain rushing down the roof and through the gutters. Our bedroom is on a corner of the house, and on a stormy morning I feel safe listening to all that water rush around me. I wish I could cuddle up all day beneath the blankets, just stay in bed and enjoy the sound of storm.

It reminded me of our house in San Jose which had a leaky roof in the rain. We bought the house in sumertime, unaware of the roof’s problems. Instead we got to discover it that winter when we found puddles on our fireplace. Whenever a storm came, we’d try to figure out how it was going to leak so we could catch the drip. By some miracle, we sold that house, disclosing the leak to the buyer. But I still remember how unnerving it was, the first time a storm came, and we discovered that the roof leaked. And how much we worried about it, especially during winter weather.

The house we have now is much younger and there’s little risk of the roof springing a leak. But I still remember what it’s like to have rain running down through the ceiling. So I treasure the security we have now. I’m glad and grateful I can sit safely in my bed, knowing the water won’t reach me. I feel protected and at peace, the layers of wood, drywall and roof between the weather and me.

Sitting in bed, listening to the storm, I realized that it’s hard to know whether the roof leaks until it rains. You only know what shelter you have when you are in the middle of the storm.

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