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My husband went to Vegas and all I got…

November 20th, 2003 · 1 Comment

..was a bag. But I was happy to get a bag. I’ve been telling Ted that I’m trying to collect a bunch of canvas or cloth bags to employ as reusable grocery sacks. So I got his OSCON bag and now the latest version of the Apache bag, still black with white and a feather on it. Works well for me!

I guess I got a T-shirt too, if I want the XL one. Ted brought back two that will probably fit him and one too-big one. He’s not an XL size and neither am I, really, although I sometimes have turned his spare T-shirts into maternity wear. During my last pregnancy I wore one of his too-big Apache shirts and immortalized it for our family, especially when I ended up wearing it to a surprise shower. The girls saw the red feathers and associated that with me and my shirt, laughing when they happened to see them on an Apache website: “That looks like Mommy’s shirt!”. I don’t really need another T-shirt, and I’m not that fond of the gambling themes (doesn’t Vegas have anything else?!) but maybe we’ll keep it around in the closet for a while, to join the collection….ah, T-shirt memories

What I hope I didn’t get is a virus, but maybe I was getting ill anyway. Elisabeth was sick yesterday so we had to cancel a playdate. I was feeling tired. I thought maybe it was just Finally-Made-It-To-The-End fatigue, but today, with sneezing, sinus pressure and occasional need for kleenex…looks like I might be getting ill….Ted thought he was getting sick at ApacheCon, staying up as late as he did, talking and typing the nights away, but so far he’s in the best health of us all…off to bed to get better…..

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  • 1 Katherine // Nov 22, 2003 at 2:37 pm

    David and I both have colds (the runny nose, sore throat, sinus pressure, blocked ears, weakness type), and so I am missing the Vineyard Women’s Retreat this weekend. We didn’t have one last year due to the Women of Faith conference held at the same time, and so if we have one next year, it’ll be three years in between for me…wonder what God has in mind!