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Blogging gives me insomnia

November 21st, 2003 · 1 Comment

so I’d better stop now…does this happen to anyone else? I say, hey, I’ll go to bed, just let me do a post or two on my way upstairs, and then, suddenly I’m wide awake! I notice my body goes in cycles, getting second – and third – winds, and alternating with sleepiness. Like last night, I meant to go to bed, but then ended up doing one last post, typing a bit about sneezing in the sun, and woke myself up -Argh! I had been feeling quite tired, but afterwards found myself lying awake in the bed for hours. I do like blogging and writing. I don’t know if it’s because this is my one chance of the day to do fun things for myself, late at night while the girls are asleep, and I get carried away, thinking and writing…or what….but I do know that I should stop now and get ready for bed….maybe I should try blogging in the morning – that might really wake me up!

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