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Baby beauty school

December 1st, 2003 · No Comments

On Friday I cut Michaela’s hair for the first time. Now I have cut her bangs a few times over the past year, just to keep her face free, but never her hair as a whole. It was getting a bit fringy at the ends. So I trimmed off an inch or so, cutting off the “fuzz” that she had had as a baby. Maybe I’m sentimental about these things, but I tend to wait as long as possible for that first haircut. Abigail didn’t have hers done until she was four, after Elisabeth was born. Since my kids’ hair takes a while to grow, I take my time in cutting it.

I also cut Abigail’s hair again, giving her a trim for the first time in a while. Elisabeth, Miss Me-Too, would have liked a cut also, but she has little hair, even less than her sisters did at her age. So she contented herself with styling what she has: standing on the bathroom stool, looking in the mirror and pushing her fluffy hairs around with a blue baby brush.

I’m realizing that I’m getting out of my league to give haircuts to my own children. It’s one thing to trim thin hair, to tidy up ragged ends on a toddler. But it’s another to try to style thicker hair, as Abigail is beginning to have. She might even need to have hers cut in layers soon. Plus I have lost the two combs I used to use. I think they were borrowed for dolls and disappeared. So I had to use my own big thick comb, not as easy. I do like cutting and styling hair. It’s something I’d always wanted to try, although Abigail was my first client. I’ve had fun learning on my family. But I’m feeling now that I’m the baby, the one who needs to grow.

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