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Diaper pictures

December 2nd, 2003 · No Comments


I keep forgetting to post this picture of the diapers we made a few weeks ago (see blog diaper happy ), while Ted and the camera were gone. Here you can see the purple fleece we used, leftover from Elisabeth’s diaper inserts, and the flower motif made from felt. I made them quick and simple, sewing on the velcro squares by hand and gluing the felt to cover the stitches. Michaela’s doll has a larger diaper, and she wanted three flowers on it: I think she’s got a good eye. I made them in two different styles. The girls have enjoyed playing with them. It’s fun to be creative with clothes and practice fashion for dollies, even with diapers. The diapers were Abigail’s idea, so it was fun to make her wish come true, to turn her idea into reality, and to do it together, mother and daughter, and diaper.

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