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Looking at lights

December 20th, 2003 · No Comments

Enoch posted the other day about looking at Christmas lights where he lives, and yesterday I saw this Seattle Times article about the Bellevue Botanical Garden holiday light display . I’d like to go if we could, but it’s too big a trip to bundle up all the kids and take the boat from Bainbridge.

I have gone once: the year my brother died we all went to see the lights in the garden. I don’t remember much though. I was a bit in a too-numb-to-notice mood. We wanted to do something as a family, something for Christmas, something to take our mind away from mourning. And it was fun for our little daughter – Abigail was about the same age as Elisabeth is now – to see all the decorations.

Just peeking at the picture on the web site looks pretty. It looks like foxglove and allium, birdhouse and butterflies, all kinds of illuminated creations and critters. I’d like to go again and look with lighter eyes at the garden delights.

In the meantime, I’ll have see what I can find around here. There’s something fun about looking at lights with little kids, that fascination and fantasy. Driving down streets, watching their eyes open wide at all the dazzling in the dark, turning around the corners to find still more surprises. We grown ups can get immune to it all but the kids joy and marveling, their awe and amazement, can become quite contagious….

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