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Why turn on the TV when you have….

December 20th, 2003 · No Comments

In Thursday’s Seattle Times article about a musical father and son A family jam: Two generations of cool share the stage at Jazz Alley , I found the quote: Why turn on the TV when you have a couple of guitars in the house?” the younger John asks.

Well, we only have one guitar, but we still don’t turn on the TV that often (only for figure-skating!) We probably don’t even play the one guitar we have very much…..instead we keep ourselves busy doing other things…another way to phrase it might be….Why turn on the TV when you have…

… iTunes?! This week Ted’s been bringing his Powerbook into the living room during our family time after dinner. The girls discovered the iTunes changing shapes and patterns on the screen. Elisabeth will tilt her head to peek around the corner at the display, curious and cute. They’ll sit for a while watching the moving pictures, the morphing images. Abigail asked Ted how it did that, and was surprised to learn that math was involved…..Ted said he’d tell her about it more when she’s older….maybe that’ll be how we spend our family times, programming pretty pictures…..and maybe we’ll play more guitar too someday, maybe even a couple guitars….

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