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Already got our Christmas gifts

December 24th, 2003 · No Comments

The gas company came this morning to fix our tank and now we can use our (propane) fireplace: that’s gift enough! After weeks of waiting, we are all excited!
I don’t know what Santa’s got waiting for me but I do know I already have so many gifts from this year. There’s quite a few tangible things that I am thankful for: our new van, our new stereo. This year Ted wrote a book and got a great new job. The girls have each grown in many ways, and continue to be more fun each year. We danced in a mountain creek, cuddled sea cucumbers and talked to orangutans. We’ve felt the wind and the rain, the sun and the sea. We’ve gotten to hug good friends and family. There are memories in photographs and memories in my mind to treasure. I feel I am a new person, remodeled from the inside out, changed in many ways, with many more changes to come, I’m sure…..but I feel in a sense already so many gifts we’ve gotten this year….

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