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So this is what it’s like…

December 28th, 2003 · No Comments

Kitchen remodeling always seemed something like a nightmare to me. I’ve heard stories about subsisting off of microwave meals and washing dishes in the bathroom sink. Well, this is about as close as I’ve gotten so far: our kitchen sink is out of service for two days or so while we re-caulk the seam. This morning I’ve had to stop myself several times from using the faucet. Especially with cleaning up the children and dishes. We ate breakfast off of paper plates. Now here I am shuttling to the bathroom sink, pile of dishes in hand. And I know I’ve got it easy. I can still use the dishwasher, and all my appliances. And tomorrow night I know I’ll be using my sink again. I can only imagine what it would be like to really live without my kitchen, and to live with the uncertainty that comes with construction and contractors, with all that mess and madness….so far, this little sink fix is the closest we’ve come to tasting what a kitchen remodel must be….

So to all of you who’ve survived this construction chaos in your kitchen….we salute you!

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