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snow for breakfast

January 7th, 2004 · No Comments

Yesterday’s storm provided us with some icy cuisine. (and also some pretty scenes – it’s been fun to see different snow pictures from other Seattle bloggers .) I had already been planning to make pancakes for breakfast, to test out a new griddle I purchased on Monday.

Seeing the snow, I had a sudden idea to try to make maple snow. As a child, I remember reading about maple snow in the Little House on the Prairie series . It seemed like fun. Something I always wanted to do but couldn’t do because we didn’t get snow that often.

So I did a Google search and skimmed, looking for maple snow recipes . It seemed pretty simple:
1) preheat maple syrup on the stove (2 minutes to warm)
2) fill a paper cup with snow
3) run inside and pour a little syrup onto the snow

Note: the syrup I had was not real maple syrup. So I didn’t do the candy-thermometer real Vermont style recipe. Will have to try that sometime but maybe not with pickles and doughnuts…

When Ted came downstairs for breakfast he found the girls and me eating the maple snow from tall paper cups. It tasted a little like maple-flavored ice cream that I’ve had in the past. It was yummy.


It reminded me also of snow cones – what I always wanted when I was a kid, after watching TV commercials, was a Snoopy Sno Cone Machine ! Eating maple snow probably comes pretty close.

The other day I posted about eating bacteria for breakfast . So yesterday we had snow for breakfast. Probably had some bacteria in that too…but I won’t worry about that…

Eating snow gave the girls some ideas. They started sampling the snow whenever we went outside. And they decided to eat the experiment they had started the other night. They had placed covered containers filled with water outside to see how soon they would freeze. The first day the contents of the cups was slushy, like a slurpee, water flavor. Yesterday the cups were solid – at least on the outside. As the girls took out their big ice cubes, they discovered that the insides were still liquid. Water gushed out of the frozen cylinders. And the girls decided to drink the cold water, spooning it up. Silly children!

Well, it’s about time to start getting ready for breakfast around here. I do need to go to the grocery store but I’m not sure I should go out today in the freezing rain. I think we have enough food to survive somehow another day or two without shopping. We’ll be all right, eating toast and soup or something I can create with canned goods in my cupboard.

But if the roads don’t clear up soon and I don’t make it to the store, we’ll soon be eating snow for breakfast, and snow for lunch and snow for dinner…..:-)

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