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January 8th, 2004 · No Comments

Trying to hear more snow updates the other morning, I turned on the radio and ended up listening to a Weekday on KUOW (9 am hour) program all about Rats! Hearing about all these rodents in urban areas, climbing up pipes in search of garbage disposal tidbits and other adventures… and after my own experiences with rodents, both in the lab and at our home here on the island, I could almost feel those little feet and tails journeying up my spine….

The moment I tuned in contained some wonderful advice on how to flush down a rat that is found swimming in the toliet.

The experts recommended using caution or hiring professionals to clean up after mice (due to hantavirus concerns) – made me wonder if I should have done a better job cleaning up after Mouse got in our garage …..

One recited a table of what size hole a rodent/animal would need in order to be able to get into a house….
“I can get a mouse in through the size of a dime…”
The table went something like this:

dime = mouse
quarter = rat
3 1/2 inches = small racoon

Possom was somewhere between rat and raccoon – I missed it….
I thought that it was pretty amazing to consider what these animals will and can do to fit into small spaces…they really get around…

Mad Times has two photos of visitations – some tracks in the snow, cute mallard and raccoon prints. We’ve had fun seeing some prints too although not as unusual as these….more cats and crows around here, at least what I can see….

…as long as the tracks are outside the house, I’m fine with that!

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