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Safe to eat salmon?

January 9th, 2004 · No Comments

As a Northwest native and salmon fanatic I appreciated Enoch’s post yesterday Salmon is not definitely harmful .

While doing chores, I had heard about the Science piece on the radio yesterday and I felt concerned. Although I have not studied a lot about salmon, I became aware of some of the salmon controversy about wild versus farmed from my marine-biologist sister years ago.

During my first pregnancy I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting which has extensive dietary recommendations, information and recipes for moms-to-be. The authors – from what I remember (my copy’s buried at the bottom of a box at the moment!) – seemed to recommend that pregnant women eat farmed freshwater fish – the reasoning being that pollutants would be much stronger in wild fish (with the toxin levels in rivers etc..even for fish which only spend part of their life cycle in fresh water). So six years ago I began taking note of salmon origins – and I began eating farmed fish. More recently though I had heard – and even seen signs at the Safeway seafood counter – how farmed fish is injected with colors and I’ve also heard how its nutritional content is lacking. So I’ve returned to eating the wild ones. We don’t eat fish that often though, whether I’m pregnant or not, due to economics, and to the warnings given to us by the state of WA and my obstetrician.

Again, I was grateful for Enoch’s opinion on this salmon issue – as I was also grateful for his post about my prime rib that we did end up eating for Christmas dinner, after worrying about BSE reports in the news….
Hmmm…is there a pattern developing here….(scare in the news, Enoch says it’s okay, our family eats it …) or should I write instead Mmmmmm :)?

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