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Something silly

January 12th, 2004 · No Comments

That last post brought to mind this silly bit from the weekend…

The TV was on at our home a bit recently, and as we were watching skating , we saw some of the same commercials repeated through the two days of coverage.

One spot was an advertisement for a dentist’s services. A woman sat in front of the camera talking about how happy she was with her teeth. Her last statement, as the dentist’s info came onto the screen, was something like: “…he’s not a dentist. He’s a magician!”

And the image that came to my mind with the word “magician” – the association there immediately was “disappear” – as in: yeah sure this dentist is a magician – wake up the next morning and your teeth are gone!

Ted thought I was being mean, but I simply thought that this commercial wasn’t too thought out. Perhaps those who created it thought that the word “magician” was a nice image, instant results and no pain, like a magic spell to change your smile. But instead I thought about Houdini and disappearing – poof! Abracadabra – no teeth!

Sometimes I think about something silly and it just makes me giggle like a girl. All I have to do is begin to think about it and I start laughing. This was one of those moments. All weekend long I’d burst into giggles at the thought of this Houdini dentist. The girls would ask me “why are you laughing?” and I couldn’t tell them because I was laughing too hard to talk. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but it sure is fun sometimes to be silly, to laugh easily, to get carried away in happy hysteria.

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