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Little by little…

January 14th, 2004 · No Comments

I was sorry to hear that Mrs. Happy lost her job. Now The Happy Husband and his wife are examining money matters , trying to figure out how to make ends meet on one income….

We sat down and actually examined our spending habits, and we were astonished at how much money we, and I in particular, waste. I spend $1.35 buying a bottle of Dr Pepper every day, at least six days a week. That comes to $8.10 every week, roughly $36 a month, and almost $430 a year. I also usually buy my lunch during the work week, averaging $5 a day—more than $100 a month and close to $1,300 a year. Add to that the two or three times Mrs. Happy and I eat at restaurants or fast food places every week, and the money really adds up. And that just scratches the surface.

Reading this, I was amazed at the actual numbers – how much $1.35 a day adds up to in a year or picking up a cheap lunch every day…it was a good post to read before heading to my favorite gourmet grocery store this morning…and then coming home to wonder how the credit card bill got so high 😉 The Happy Husband writes about discipline and it is true that managing resources is wise.

But I realized that another way to look at this paragraph from his post, is to see the principle in it. I just blogged about encouraging others . I think that the same principle that is true for finances is true for praise: little by little it adds up into a lot, day by day, a word here and there, a kind look or glance, a tender touch or thank you, becomes a big bank account of blessing, a world of wealth, but one that’s better than money, one that’s hidden inside a heart.

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