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Hey, I felt that!

January 16th, 2004 · No Comments

Catching up on my blog reading tonight, I read A little shakey

Either we just had a small earthquake, or they’re making NyQuil a lot stronger than they used to.

and remembered immediately how I was sitting at my desk late last night (actually early this morning) when I thought I felt a little earthquake. The world wobbled for a moment. I was pretty tired, on my way to bed, so I thought maybe I imagined it. It had been an exhausting day.

For an instant though I wondered if I should race upstairs, grab the girls and stand in a doorway. I wondered if I should yell at Ted in the next room. The feeling didn’t last long, I was too tired and I quickly forgot about it. But reading the post and comments on eclecticism reminded me of last night’s little goodnight shake.

Checking the on-line Seattle Times I see that we did indeed have an earthquake last night, a 3.6 centered near Bremerton, about an hour’s drive from here.

Thanks to a local blogger, I now know I wasn’t imagining things….

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