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Baby needed new shoes

January 18th, 2004 · No Comments


‘Cause she’s walking !
She’s not marching all over the place yet, but almost as if on cue, soon as she got her own shoes this week, she began taking longer toddles, sometimes doing as long as ten or twelve steps at a time. I think she’s having fun too joining her sisters on the playgrounds outside.


And Big Sisters needed new ones too…
I always thought I’d never buy my girls shoes with bells and whistles – well this time zippers and lights – but they were on sale (great time to go shopping!) and fit the girls well. (Contrary to what I thought this summer, they do have different sized feet – about 2 or 3 sizes apart!) Abigail now has “blinking shoes” – after admiring her younger sister’s for a while – and Michaela has ones that look like cars, complete with a transmission pattern in the sole.

My girls have shoes I never dreamed of driving….

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