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make your own toothpaste

January 28th, 2004 · No Comments

an experimental piece I wrote last night….

the story starts as i’m at the grocery store with the girls getting in line to pay putting my stuff up on the belt bananas and apples and oranges and out of my eye i see tabloid covers why should i care about demimoore’s marriage plans or celebrities parties and i think today is oscar nominations and all that means is some people’s gossip will cost more to buy all those magazines want is my money they want me to be consumer me media consumer don’t think don’t think twice just stick it in the cart with all the other stuff to buy

driving the cart out in the parking lot the weather’s nice i think about warm winter and i think about cold and snow i think about new hampshire and i think about politics and i think about politics in new hampshire and i think about nh native david souter some association there during the two months i once called nh home maybe i went to see him or maybe i heard someone else had seen him must be the latter i like to think if i saw a supreme court justice i’d remember it

david souter connection came from the private school in nh where i taught one summer and then who comes to mind but mr. toothpaste, someone i saw once at a another school where i was interning and observing, an alum come back to lecture and encourage the kids to be business men like him, he with his toothpaste empire all kinds of products for sale smell nice and clean i buy his stuff now i like them really i do

speeding now through the lot ’cause we’re late bags of stuff and girls in the cart i think about all the years i spent at school, private school yes, but school still as student and as teacher and how it all seemed to say hey kids become a leader but the kind of leader to become was someone who made a product that many others would consume be a ceo become someone who stayed on the top while others bought and bought

in the lot i see a woman getting out of a car old brown sedan dirty blond hair middle age she looks like typical consumer i look like one too i suppose soccer mom minivan mom car full of kids american woman no one important or flashy nothing exciting nothing going on in life except to buy buy buy

and i think about the blogging of the president that show the other night everyone reaching to find definitions what a blog is and what i like is the creativity the power how i’m making my own magazine by my choices and reading reading what others are writing others like me not just consumer but also creator don’t need to buy tabloids or those other pretty faces hoping for a pick up while-u-wait in line to go home no i’m writing i’m saying i’m reading what i want to read more homemade magazines waiting for me at home on my pc

at the van kids go inside and i put bags in the back and i think about this woman and me and about all the consuming and consuming what if it was creating and creating instead what electricity would flow what power given to people if everyone could blog or share a voice a talent a gift in a wide way to the world oh to give people choice to make their own magazine make their own media everyone become a ceo

if only we could make our own toothpaste too

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