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Content with cornflakes

August 7th, 2003 · No Comments

Just adding this last one to keep with today’s theme of food 🙂

My girls are content eating cornflakes for breakfast. They like them a lot, cheering in the kitchen when I announce our menu for the morning! I am amazed.

As a child I found cornflakes boring: yellow mush in milk. Perhaps I am being too optimistic here: my girls are pretty young still and are not often exposed to television or other advertising. But I remember as a child always wanting something with lots of sugar and color in it. Cocoa Puffs were a big treat: an anticipated ritual for our annual summer beach vacation. Just give us Smurfberry Crunch or Super Super Sugar Crisp or anything that seemed sweet, anything advertised during Saturday morning cartoon shows. Often though we’d suffer through bags of puffed rice and bland bits of wheat, putting our hopes on the shelf until another trip to the grocery store. My dad was good at adding sugar and fat to food- with a bit of sugar and half-n-half any cereal would taste better. All I do is add yogurt and berries, on occasion. But my two girls, so far, like their cornflakes. I am grateful and I hope they will alway be content with such simplicity.

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