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Diagnose me please

February 7th, 2004 · No Comments

In blogs recently, I’ve seen much mention of hypergraphia. Fred’s post was the most recent one I read:

…Hyper (excessive) graphia (writing). Hypergraphia is a complex and interesting matter for those of us who wonder why we write what we write and sense such terrible-wonderful urgency and release in the process….The topic has been given new neurobiological illuminations by the release of the book “The Midnight Disease” by Dr. Alice Flaherty, a neurologist who suffered a four-month episode of hypergraphia after the death of still-born twins. She discusses numerous creative masters in several fields of artistry who had both depression or bipolar disorder or epilepsy or even PMS that coincided with their periods of creative feast or famine.

What I’ve also seen is much speculation regarding bloggers being afflicted by this hypergraphia. Without engaging in self-diagnosis, I’ll allow the reader to draw independent conclusions about this particular blog.

I will say that I could relate to Scott Mitchell’s post on verbosity (via Jay)

I guess I’ve been verbose since I started writing. I remember back in elementary school when we’d have essay tests the teachers would let me stay after school to finish my essays, as I’d quickly run out of room in the little space given, and fill, literally, pages.

I can still remember a third grade writing assignment, around Halloween time, to create a story about a witch. I scribbled away 34 pages (on that large-ruled newsprint paper) but I still wasn’t done, protesting when the teacher collected my work. Finally a few years later another instructor suggested I should plan the end of the story first. Then I would know where I was going with my writing and be able to end it sooner. Oh. A revelation! That has helped me. Some.

If hypergraphia is writing too much, then what is the term for reading too much? I fear I have this disorder – shall I call it hyper-aggregatoria? At first it started simply enough, enjoying the efficiency of RSS feeds. I’d see a post that was interesting and decide why not add it to my list. But now I see it’s another form of greed. Blog gluttony. I read and read. I’ve got to go on a diet. Cut that fat from that blog roll o’ mine. 🙂

Between carrying big babies and typing too much, my hands have started hurting more this week. At dinner one night I was sitting perfectly still when one of my metacarpals started aching. And my pinkie finger is taking a pounding too I fear, although from the way my hands and feet are shaped, I know they are sensitive to extension (noted by a doctor when I was young). Maybe my diagnosis should be RSI…

Ah but a little pain won’t keep me from typing away anyway..;)

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