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Family Concert: Too Cute!

February 8th, 2004 · No Comments

Last Saturday we went to the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concert. It takes a lot for all of us to get dressed up and out the door. But the effort was worthwhile. We had a wonderful time. Even Elisabeth was able to enjoy most of the concert (some of it from the very back row!) before we had to go out into the lobby, where we could still hear the music broadcast on the speaker system, with a couple other active toddlers for company.

Activities before the concert encouraged the children’s interest in music. There was an Instrument Petting Zoo where the girls got to see cellos, violins, and a table of drums. Michaela touched a flute. There were also horns, clarinet and saxophone, plenty to see, but a bit overwhelming for our daughters in noise and crowd. One station offered simple science experiments such as blowing through a comb with waxed paper or twanging rubber band strings on boxes. A treasure chest display invited children to write down questions for the conductor to answer. Each girl also got her choice of a Trading Card, like sports cards, one made for each member of the orchestra. Abigail and Michaela both chose Elizabeth Stoyanovich’s card: she’s the Conductor and also our neighbor.

We went to go take our seats, close to the stage with a good view of the cellos and basses especially.


Before the concert began, a generous bassist shared her instrument with the children.



The orchestra played for about an hour, excerpts and pieces in a range from “O Susanna” to Dvorak, Bach to John William’s theme music for Harry Potter soundtrack, The Blue Danube, Beethoven’s Pastorale, music inspired by Cuba and one piece, inspired by Kentucky, which was written by Patrick Stoyanovich, Elizabeth’s husband. The theme was “opposites attract”. Elizabeth did a great job explaining the music and keeping it interesting for children: demonstrating, for example, what different themes sound like when played by different sections, such as the strings, woodwinds, or percussion.

After the concert, Abigail and Michaela enjoyed the ice cream in the lobby!


Once at home, I took a closer look at the Trading Card.


On the back are a few facts about Elizabeth Stoyanovich: she started in music at age 4; this is her first season with the BSO; her hobbies are reading and playing with her children and her favorite composer is Patrick Stoyanovich. When I read that last line, a phrase came into mind, one that had been used earlier in the week to describe Ted and me: tooooo cute.

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