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Wives who Google

February 12th, 2004 · No Comments

Last week Enoch mentioned that “the overwhelmingly most popular link to my site … to the order of a few hundred links and numerous comments” has been the one he wrote about a TV show (dare I mention the name lest I too end up in the Google search for it ?!)

It’s been interesting for me to discover what kinds of comments I’ve received via Google searches. I’ve gotten requests for help with Green River Killer research, lots of questions about mice, and one early this morning wanting to know recommendations for buying canvas bags (OSCON?!)

Today I got one for my post on InstaHot (InstaNOT):

While looking for info on the insta-hot system, which is often included in private jets we write manuals for, I happened across your Seedlings and Sprouts….

I’m not sure how Google functions. It’s a mystery to me why posts from this weblog end up as top results for searches. Perhaps I should go across the water to Seattle and sign up for the graduate level Google class at the University of Washington.

But what I’ve enjoyed the most is seeing the comments for my most popular post – a far cry from Enoch’s in number – but yet significant still, I believe. This post that has received the most comments from Google-searching visitors is: I love my husband because .

Now I wrote this post last October in a semi-serious tone, after Ted did something I had been avoiding for months: cleaning out the bottom of the trash barrel. In other posts in this blog I describe many other reasons I have for loving my husband and all the ways he has loved me including: teaching me to drive, listening to me and forgiving me my mistakes.

Type “I love my husband” or “I love my husband because” (in that exact order) into Google and my post appears as one of the top ones.

“why I love my husband” and “I love my husband” both appear in our top 20 search keyphrases for sauria.com

So it seems, wives who Google and love their husbands sometimes end up at Seedlings and Sprouts. What they’ve written has encouraged me:

I love my husband because I see such great purpose in him….I thank God for blessing us with lovng Husbands

I love you hubby because he comes home from work every day. Some who he works with go to the bar and have a few drinks after work before going home.

I Love my husband , becuse even when things are so rough in his own world of work and issues he goes through , he still looks at me and says im thankful for u and i love u for u , I love my hubby , because he makes feel love like no other , emotionaly , physically, and spirtially.

I love my husband for many reasons. The least of which is because he remembers the little things like writing me love notes on the bathroom mirror every day and grabbling me as I go down the hall just to kiss me. I love my husband because he takes the time to remind me that I am loved.

(And of course, the comment from my friend Katherine encouraged me too:
David cleaned up the kitchen last night. It was beautiful to behold this morning, coming down to breakfast….And yesterday when I went to the Farmer’s Market in the morning, he requested I please come home with some pretty flowers….)

It’s been amazing to me that these women were surfing the web and wanted to praise their husbands on my blog. I love reading what they wrote. And I’ve wondered – what were these women thinking as they were Googling – were they seeking a place to praise their spouse?

Looking at the other sites that come up on the Google page for I love my husband, I see ones that offer coffee mugs and sweatshirts for sale, and I see other sites, with stories such as “I love my husband but I still think about my ex” “I love my husband even though he was unkind to me” or “I love my husband but I hate being married”.

Is there a dearth of sites devoted to wives who do indeed love their husbands? Here’s a LiveJournal site I Love My Husband . But other than that, in my brief Googling adventures, I see more negative remarks about loving husbands rather than affirming appreciation.

I feel inspired, in a sense, to continue – it’d be fun to have a site where women wrote about loving their husbands. I love reading about all these husbands who love their wives, coming home to be with them, writing them love notes, kissing them in the hall…It’s great to see through the eyes of these grateful women and to hear how much the men are appreciated. Perhaps one of the reasons romance is referred to as a “spark” is that it can help catch others on fire too.

So hey, maybe I should start a separate site, continuing my post, and write “I love my husband because”…and see who else wants to praise her mate. Looking at all the reasons inspires gratitude in my own heart and life. I think it could inspire a few other people. Perhaps this is what others were seeking – other women who are happy with their hubbies and eager to share. After all, when you are loved, you can’t keep it to yourself: you want to share it!

Then again, as I think about it, I realize that I don’t believe love has a “because”. I’d love Ted if he never cleaned out the trash can again. I love him. I just do. I could write lots of “reasons” – as I do in this blog – but none of them would be completely right. I love my husband. It’s as simple as that.

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