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Sound like anyone you know?

February 19th, 2004 · No Comments

A friend loaned me a children’s book, Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah (copyright 1959). It’s historical fiction, based on statements made by Lincoln and his family, the story of his boyhood.

In this tale of a kid who was born nearly 200 years ago, I saw some things that seemed a bit familiar to me:

Late one afternoon…Abe came home with a new book under his arm. Tom and Dennis (his dad and step-brother) had joined several of their neighbors in a big bear hunt and planned to be gone for several days. Abe planned to read – and read – and read.


With a new book waiting to be read, washing his hair seemed like a waste of time.


He had been thinking about that book all afternoon.

In this story, it sounds like Abraham Lincoln would have been one of the greasy haired geeks in my high school class. All he could think about was books. Or another name for such a bibliophile could be nerd. Capital N Nerd. Hanging out alone with books every spare moment he had, forgoing a hunting trip, even reading while eating. Sound like anyone you know?! I wonder what he’d be doing if he were alive today.

Abe Lincoln came from a poor family and was tall and awkward, wearing clothes too small for his frame. I imagine he’d still be a loner today, known as a geek or a nerd. Things haven’t changed that much.

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