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Why did the ciabatta cross the road…?

February 29th, 2004 · No Comments

Admiring the bread I bought today, I read the wrapper and discovered it was made in Vancouver, British Columbia by Ecco Il Pane . Buying a jar of imported olives is one thing but buying bread baked in another country? I never imagined something fresh and perishable as bread would be brought over the border. Here on Bainbridge Island we’re a few hours away from Vancouver. It’d be quite a trip to cart. The loaves must leave their home early in the morning. I was surprised to find this imported bread at our local grocery store, a store that’s owned by island families, the store that sells berries grown on Bainbridge farms and homemade jam benefitting youth services. When I bought the gourmet bread in its paper wrapper, I had assumed it was another local specialty.

One motto I’ve seen in downtown Bainbridge Island is “Think Globally: Shop Locally”. This Canadian potato pane provides a new twist on the local community economy ideal….

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