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Eyes on the prize

August 10th, 2003 · No Comments

During the past two weeks, Abigail took her first swimming lessons at the high school pool. The girls all came with me together: Michaela and Elisabeth reading books, sitting with me on the bench while we watched Big Sister swim.

Watching Abigail, I could see how she was avoiding getting her face wet, holding her head high while grabbing the toys her teacher tossed to the bottom. I tried to encourage her to put her face in the pool, explaining to her that this was necessary for swimming.

After her lesson on Wednesday, her seventh one, Abigail said:
Mom, I put my eyes in the water this morning two times!

While we walked all together through the pool doors out into a windy summer day – with Elisabeth in one arm and Michaela’s hand in my other hand – I replied:
That’s great. When we get home, you can have a sticker.

Then Michaela spoke up:
Mommy, I put my eyes in the wind this morning!

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