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Proposals Rebooted

March 11th, 2004 · No Comments

Ted sent me this link from Wired today about a man who proposed to his beloved by creating for her a computer case decorated like a wedding cake. With This Rig, I Thee Wed :

Of all the ways people have proposed marriage, computer nut Mike Johnson dreamed up one of the most unusual — and geekiest.

Instead of proposing on bended knee, Johnson presented his would-be bride with a special “wedding computer.”

Looking somewhat like a tiered wedding cake, the elaborately decorated computer case has Johnson’s wedding proposal etched into its side. “Will you do me the honor?” it says.

Ted hinted that maybe we should do it this way “next time”.

Next time?! I think he means maybe someday we’ll do a big anniversary celebration, re-do our vows and maybe the proposal.

Well, if there were a next time I think I’d still like the first time . That proposal was good enough for me. Although I wouldn’t mind an iBook. With iSight too. So I can look at him and talk to him, tell him I love him, when he’s away. No frills though please. I can do without the lace and pearls. A plain iBook would be fine. Should Ted feel so compelled to ask for my heart and hand again.

Speaking of proposals, Just a Gwai Lo posted in Had that the mascot marriage proposal he mentioned in his post on marriage , and I in my response Proposals, was a fake. Looks like someone wanted to see what people would think if the woman said No. A shock. A surprise.

I don’t know if I’m that surprised. People will do anything nowadays. And I don’t think this revelation affects what Just a Gwai Lo and I discussed. I still believe in marriage. I still like an emotional, elaborate and creative proposal. Even from a geek boyfriend husband. Just leave off the lace and rhinestones.

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