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Vegan lovers

March 13th, 2004 · 1 Comment

In The Bremerton Sun’s Bainbridge paper was an article – edited from a longer feature – about islanders who eat vegan. What interested me the most was how romance played a part in the diet choice – reminding me of a blog dialogue Jay McCarthy and I had last month about food.

Jay mentioned that he is a vegan.

I replied by writing What I gave up for love : vegetarianism .

Then Jay replied to my post:

This is interesting because I’ve had the experience that many of my girlfriends have taken up vegetarianism (or tried veganism) after hanging out with me. I’m not sure if they do it because they want to avoid food battles or because my explanation of my beliefs sways them. Hmm?

Well, Jay, looks like you are not alone in your experience. Not sure what it is about food and falling in love… but it looks like love leads some to change their minds and diets as well as their hearts…

From Going Vegan: It’s a way of life

Paul and Nancy Travis of Bainbridge Island began eating a vegan diet on their honeymoon a decade ago, after being vegetarians for several years prior to that. The couple has owned three vegetarian fast-food restaurants in Seattle. Nancy is a graduate of Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City and has years of experience as a personal chef.


True love also helped covert Suzanne Neupauer of Bainbridge Island to a vegan diet. She had been a vegetarian until a decade ago, on the first date with the man who now is her husband, she was introduced to the book, “Diet for a New America.” The couple has been vegan ever since, and are raising their two young children with the diet.

The recipes at the end of the article look yummy. Maybe I’ll try some when my beloved Mr. Meat Eater, Ted, is at PyCon next week…..gives me something little to look forward to while he’s gone…

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  • 1 Paul Travis // Mar 18, 2004 at 11:23 pm

    Good luck, Julie!

    By the way, I grew up in the midwest in a meat-and-potatoes family and found enough reasons to make changes in my life after reading “Diet for a New America”. (Nancy and I donated a copy of the video to the Bainbridge Island library if you don’t have time to read it…)