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One way to read this blog…

March 15th, 2004 · No Comments

I thought I’d post this article from CNN Welcome to the ‘new’ Web, same as the ‘old’ Web for anyone who might be wondering what is an RSS feed or an aggregator/news feed reader.

The article calls this way of enjoying the Web by subscribing to RSS feeds in a news feed reader the “new on-ramp” for the “old Web”.

The point of entry into this efficient and focused style of surfing does not involve search engines. Instead, many users, learning from bloggers, are setting aside their browsers at certain times to use news feed readers, sometimes called “news aggregators,” instead.

Try out the new on-ramp

Web pages are getting smarter than they used to be. More of your favorite sites are making content summaries and updates available for syndication, just like the syndicated advice columns in your newspaper. Only this kind of syndication is free and “really simple.” It is called “RSS” for “really simple syndication.”

All that means for you is that you can download a free or low-cost news feed reader and “subscribe” to a number of your favorite Web sites. You might have seen odd little orange “XML” rectangles on some sites. The URL when you click on the rectangle is the address of the news feed.


Professional news sites aren’t the only ones converting to RSS feeds. Hobbies and fan sites, blogs, and other special interest and community sites are going to feeds, as well. Google is still there when you have to find specific information. As Web pages get smarter, search engines will have an easier time indexing them.

The article contains a short list of news feed readers. I use FeedDemon and Bloglines is also a good one. I have only been using an aggregator for a couple months but I recommend it! It is easy and efficient, allowing me to enjoy more of the Web with the limited time I have late at night…

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