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March 19th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Irritating day yesterday. I got up feeling like I wanted to stay in bed. Already exhausted. There are days like that though.

The power went out twice. That was annoying. I have said that housework doesn’t take a lot of time and energy: that statement was made with the assumption of a constant electrical supply. I had loads of laundry that needed to be completed so Ted could take the clothes on his trip. I’d rush up and down the stairs, soon as the lights came back on, to squeeze in another load before the next tree fell on the transmitter.

Ted discovered that our one corded phone, the only land line functioning without electricity, has three broken number buttons: useless. Abigail’s dance class got cancelled. Then the lights came on, in time for her class to start, if it hadn’t already been cancelled. I parked the van in the driveway so I wouldn’t have to bother with the garage door.

And each time the power went off, the power supply would beep incessantly. As if to remind me. Like one of my own kids would do. Say it over and over again. We were powerless.

The morning I had spent taking my third trip in a week to stores that ship packages. Two of these three times have revolved around returns. RMA #s and the like. I am happy to help Ted. But I must say that there are jobs I’d rather not do. Filling out forms, finding the right box to fit. I began to feel like a professional package handler. If there’s Toys ‘R Us then this must be RMA ‘M I.

Ordering on the Internet is easy. But returning items is difficult. Expensive! We were both frustrated at the effort involved.

I had a headache and it took a couple cups of chai at dinner to help me feel better. What a day.

Days like yesterday find me grateful for stability. Even with the electricity flickering, through the tension, Ted and I were all right. I’ve been in relationships where it was a constant question of off and on. Where I was wondering if and when I was going to be rejected and returned. Sent back. Not wanted.

Days like yesterday I’m grateful for what Ted and I have with each other. It’s constant. It’s good.

I’m glad Ted hasn’t sent me back. That he hasn’t gotten me an RMA.

I think I’ll keep him too 🙂

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  • 1 Katherine // Mar 20, 2004 at 6:28 pm

    Rubber Manufacturers’ Association…
    Radio Manufacturers’ Association…
    Rate Monotonic Analysis…none of those sounds right.
    Ahhhhh, here it is, Return Merchandise Authorization. Finally, at http://www.abvsta.com/business/RMA.html the acronym is explained. Didn’t know that one.

  • 2 Julie // Mar 21, 2004 at 3:46 pm

    Sorry about that. Guess I’ve used *RMA* so many times – but I didn’t know exactly what the acronym meant: thanks!