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Meal for purchase

March 27th, 2004 · 2 Comments

I noticed on my airline ticket for my trip to Boston that I have *meal for purchase* to eat. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this before, but I don’t fly that often. What does this mean? No more meal service included with the ticket price? Well, maybe if I choose to spend money on my meal, I hope it will be something I like to eat.

Of course, it’s not as if I’m flying for the food. Airlines are not known for fine dining. Jay McCarthy enjoyed medieval dungeon diet on his flights. Ted had to eat Clif bars for supper during his travels this week.. he brought home a few leftovers..I think I’ll be packing them too….

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  • 1 Anita Rowland // Mar 28, 2004 at 8:46 am

    Bring some provisions with you. Calvin Trillin used to write about bringing a picnic feast with him on the plane, and I think it’s a good idea!

  • 2 Katherine // Mar 30, 2004 at 10:23 pm

    American Airlines sometimes provides a “Bistro Bag” for pick-up on the jetway as you board. One flight attendant explained that Bistro stands for “Basic Inflight Snack to Reduce Overhead.” Don’t bother picking one out of the oversized cooler. It’s thoroughly yucky. Except for the brownie, if you get one. That was actually pretty good. We were on two connecting flights the same day, and were offered the exact same unappealing turkey sandwich on pasty white bread with a sad little apple and chips, on both flights. The bag can be handy for trash though…
    The meals for purchase (United, right?) come with an appetizing menu card with full-color photos, from recognizable restaurant chains. I haven’t bought one yet, but they certainly look better than the AA offerings. Better yet, eat before you board and bring an Odwalla bar and water bottle with you.