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March 27th, 2004 · No Comments

There’s impulse buying and there’s impulse borrowing. At the library, I spied this novel by Bharti Kirchner on a shelf while I was walking to the check out so I grabbed it and took it home with the rest. I had read the Seattle Times review and knew she was a local author. I enjoy reading Northwest literature. Kirchner writes with rich description, appealing to the senses: I could almost taste the cakes.

However, I found this story’s Seattle setting to be distracting: some events – such as the WTO – were described – disguised – by different words, while other places such as Green Lake were used as their real names.

Platitudes such as “the end could be found in the beginning” are sprinkled through this novel about a bakery, loss and love. “All that I am or ever has been goes into the making.” The end surprised me a bit, but I think Kirchner leaves plenty of crumbs as a trail of clues for the reader.

I like to bake and this book added to my knowledge and experience: now I try to enjoy the textures more, noticing my ingredients, and I’ve begun adding rice flour to my creations. It’s an aptly named tale: flaky and light, sweet and smooth, not nutritious or substantial, but a tasty treat. It was a fun read, appropriate for Valentine’s weekend, when I enjoyed it.

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