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Speech synthesis

March 27th, 2004 · No Comments

The other day my favorite artist did an on-line chat in the evening. I usually ignore those events, declaring them too inefficient for family life. With three small children running about the house, I find that all my attention goes to them: it’s difficult to participate in on-line real-time dialogue. Better to concentrate on the children and chat later – when they are eighteen or so and out of the house.

Yet Thursday evening, groupie that I am, I decided to try the opportunity. I logged on and entered the chat while the kids were busy finishing dinner. For a while I could pay a little attention to the *audtorium*, glancing at my laptop while walking between the dining table and kitchen to get the milk carton.

After a while, Abigail became curious. She finished her food and sat on the stool in front of my computer. And she began reading the conversation to me. It was a good exercise for her skills. It also was fun and efficient for me. I could sit at the table or clean up the kitchen and still know what was happening. I had my own little speech synthesizer: named Abigail.

When I called Ted that night, I told him about our new auditory technology. Ted shared his PyCon experience with the Mac and the tongue-twister contest. So we each had a speech synthesizer story to share from the day.

Yesterday I discovered Adam Curry’s daily audio Bible RSS feed . It’s starting with 1 Corinthians which is a favorite. I’m looking forward to listening to the daily post.

I haven’t listened to books on tape. But when Ted reads to me, I notice new facets of a familiar passage. It’s a different experience. I like it.

I can read to myself. But I like to listen.

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