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Outdoor conversation

April 4th, 2004 · No Comments

Yesterday a friend and I had coffee – well, she had coffee and I had hot chocolate – at a bakery located inside a garden nursery on the island. We sat outside on crimson benches beneath a tree, crow cawing into our conversation. The garden had a couple tulips here, daffodil or two there, with foliage inbetween them. It was wonderful to sit in the sun with a friend and share the morning.

Tonight, after dropping Ted off at the ferry terminal, the girls and I parked downtown. With the double stroller, we visited a few boutiques and stopped by the grocery store for a treat. Then we headed to the park. We ate ice cream bars while sitting on a picnic bench. After a busy weekend, with the goal of getting Ted out the door, I liked having time to stop and smell the roses – or rather, taste the ice cream. The girls wanted to swing. To my surprise, the park was all ours on this spring-break Sunday night, so I pushed all three of them at the same time.

Afterwards, they wanted to go down the slides. Elisabeth has figured out how to climb up the structure and then fit her body backwards onto the slide. Abigail taught herself how to climb up a twisty pole. Michaela had fun too, helping her little sister and jumping off of the structure and into the gravel, landing on her feet despite the height. I came home feeling relaxed. I think we all did.


Flowers for sale at the store


Ice cream treat


The view from the park

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