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Caffeine, lingerie, (m)academia…

April 10th, 2004 · No Comments

Tuesday while we were walking downtown, the girls and I stopped by Metrion, a new cafe. I was curious. I had read an article in the Bainbridge Review and wanted to see “the island’s first joint coffee shop and lingerie boutique” where “cup size has a double meaning”.

New at the Bainbridge store is fair traded, shade-grown organic Apassionata coffee, served with pastry goods fresh daily from Sluy’s Bakery in Poulsbo.
The espresso bar was part of the plan for this shop from the start. “I knew I couldn’t make it here on panties alone,” Pantages said – although she accords her previous establishment at least partial credit for “saving several marriages” in the Laurelhurst area.

The place wasn’t as racy as I had imagined. Stuffed animals such as a black and white cow hanging on a string and a couple hip baby bibs hung in the windows. A glass case filled with jewelry and couple racks of colorful tees and casual clothes. Two men having coffee at a table before the bar. The lingerie seemed to be hung in a wardrobe in the back, robes and nightshirts in pastel hues.

Maybe that’s for the best…the caffeine and lingerie could be too much for some (hearts)….perhaps that’s why the Metrion is located next door to the island’s emergency clinic 😉

Came home from our adventures and read Ryan Overbey’s link to the Buzz in Academia…some frightening and funny caffeine diaries including details like these from Brad DeLong and Philip Bourgois:

Go to economics-department tea, which formally starts at 3. By 3 all the cookies are gone. Clearly graduate-student stipends are insufficient. Get a small cup of Irish breakfast tea. (It is St. Patrick’s Day, after all.) 45 mg

3:50 p.m. Cup of coffee with four macaroons at tail end of institute’s “afternoon tea and cookies.” Watched two mathematicians gesticulate furiously and talk (in gibberish) about their latest “proofs.” Nauseated from the overdose of macaroons. 85 mg

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