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Three times the charm

April 11th, 2004 · No Comments

Having three girls means many outfits get to live three lives. From the boxes in our garage, I’ve found some summer clothes for our baby, Elisabeth. It’s fun to see her wearing some of the same things her older sisters wore. I remember moments when Abigail and Michaela enjoyed the clothes. I remember how the outfits entered our lives.

Yeah, I think to myself. This is the season Elisabeth will wear the pink and white pants and blouse her sisters wore. They remind me of the first Easter we were here in the Northwest, visiting family friends, Abigail playing peek-a-boo with my mom. This is the time for the bug and frog shirt that Michaela liked with chocolate. Maybe Elisabeth will get to enjoy the yellow butterfly tee shirt more than Michaela did – she outgrew it too quickly.

This is the summer of the Pooh shirt and plaid shorts from an uncle and aunt. This is the summer of the lavender polka-dot dress A-ma and A-yeh sent. The summer of the floral pajamas I bought in California, while shopping with friends, when we each had one wee one in a sling.

It’s gonna be a good season!

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