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The making of a marathon runner

April 14th, 2004 · No Comments

The other day at the playground, one of our daughters did something that was a big accomplishment for her. It was difficult for her to do, perhaps more difficult than for some other children to accomplish, yet she worked hard at it and wanted it. She practiced and persevered. She won a victory – in more than one way.

Now she knows what it means to work. She knows she can find success by trying again and again. Perhaps if it had come easily to her, she wouldn’t have learned this lesson.

And now she and I together are applying this lesson to something else that is hard for her to do. Today, after a few frustrating attempts, I held her and encouraged her, reminding her of what she did on the playground on Monday. I see the way she is learning perseverance and strength through these struggles. I see the makings of a marathon runner in my little girl.

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