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Seeds I didn’t sow

April 14th, 2004 · No Comments


I’m noticing in my garden this spring that unexpected sprouts are springing up from the dirt, plants I didn’t plant. Or at least not this season. I suspect a squirrel may have stashed a cache of seeds, taken from my neighbor’s bird feeder. I do like sunflowers and have planted them in the past, but I wouldn’t have put so many at a time together in one hole. Perhaps some squirrel’s winter pantry, is sprouting now up into spring flowers.

Then again in another area of the garden, I am seeing sunflowers and other green beginnings, and I think these are seeds that I planted – last year. The weather was so dry last summer that maybe the seeds never got a chance to begin to grow. I had figured a bird had eaten them or that they had rotted or washed away. Especially after a year. So it’s a great surprise to see these sprouts where I had only expected dirt.

It’s fun to enjoy seeds I didn’t sow. Working in the dirt, tidying the beds, I find myself thinking about seasons. Sometimes it is a season to plant. And sometimes a season to grow. Sometimes it is a season of waiting inbetween.

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