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What would you buy for love?

April 23rd, 2004 · 1 Comment

From Dean Esmay’s post True Love I found Tony Woodlief’s story of a husband sent on a shopping trip to pick up something [read “exceedlingly personal feminine product”] for his wife: When Duty Calls Don’t Answer

…I don’t remember whether I’ve sent Ted out to buy items from the feminine aisle for me. I will say that it has taken me three kids and thicker skin but now I feel comfortable buying most anything on the grocery store shelf. Giving birth to babies while strangers wander in and out of the room takes away some inhibitions. Also if I’m pushing a cart filled with children around the store, it seems a bit silly to try to deny what kinds of biological processes are taking place in our home: it’s life. 🙂

I could see it as a sign of love for Ted to risk a trip down a certain aisle of the grocery store and buy me some of these more intimate items. However, I think Ted would think I was showing love to him if I spared him the excursion and didn’t ask him to do that for me 🙂

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  • 1 wink // Apr 24, 2004 at 12:05 pm

    I’ve never quite understood why people were so reluctanct to be seen buying “exceedlingly personal feminine products”.

    For women: do they want to pretend that they are never in need of such products? Do they want the world to assume that they have an abnormal acyclic body rhythm? This has never made sense to me given a woman’s complete willingness to be seen buying deoderant or toilet paper.

    For men: this is even more bewildering to me. Does any man even think for a second that anyone observing him buying such products will think that he is buying for his own personal use??? If not, then why the reluctance?

    Even when we were just dating, Tree would send me to buy these items (while she would wait for me *outside the store*) and I would purchase them with no embarassment. No one gave me a hard time about it, or even gave me more than one odd look.

    I just don’t understand where the embarassment comes from.