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Why wait? Become a network affiliate…

April 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

Thanks to Anita Rowland I now know that litlnemo is microbroadcasting Air America

Well, why sit around and wait for some local station to start broadcasting? We have the Internet. Sure, you say, but what good does that do if we want to get away from our desktop computer?

Here’s what good it does. It makes it possible for us to broadcast Air America content ourselves if we want to. Over the public airwaves. Just like the network affiliates. We, as in, “any random schmuck with an Internet connection and $35-45 to spend.” And it’s legal, too.

There are instructions so anyone can do it

Once you’ve got your transmitter, start playing the feed of Air America or your chosen source on your computer. Using a simple patch cord, plug one end into the computer and the other into the transmitter. You’re now a “network affiliate.” Let your neighbors know they can listen.

I like the co-op idea:

Now, they say you are limited to a range of 200 feet. True enough. But… in dense neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Lower Queen Anne, First Hill, the University District, etc., don’t you think it would be possible to get a transmitter every 175 feet or so? Perhaps all broadcasting on the same frequency or something, so it has the effect of a larger station?

Maybe this could actually be organized somehow. A co-op network to broadcast Air America on low-powered Part 15-compatible transmitters, until such time as they get a station here.

Those who live near a park or other public plaza could point their transmitters at the public places so people could hang out and listen if they wanted to. (Heck, do that even if you don’t broadcast Air America. Broadcast anything! Take back the airwaves!)

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