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In search of…

May 2nd, 2004 · No Comments


Our story of searching for dim sum (and other goodies) in Seattle’s International District last Friday.

I rarely get to go for dim sum and now I’ve gone twice in two weeks: once in Seattle and once in Boston. Ted and I don’t often make the trip – only when Ted’s parents are in town – but this one went so well that maybe we’ll go again soon on our own…While I miss the variety and intensity of Boston, we had a lot of fun in Seattle where we’re beginning to figure out where to go…

pictures and story below…


A perfect day – 80 degrees, blue sky, mountain views – to take the boat from Bainbridge.


If there’s any bus tunnel I’d call beautiful, it would be this one. It seems to be made from stone: granite and marble. I grew up riding Metro buses and waiting on downtown street corners. This is lovely. I haven’t ridden it often but I am amazed. It reminds me of something from a movie scene.


After some searching using our criteria (tanks? busy? if yes to both then go!) we found Jade Garden. The food was a bit salty but pretty good, better than our last experience with dim sum in the International District. There we also picked up a copy of Northwest Asian Weekly


I enjoy the grocery stores. On the one hand they can feel claustrophobic and crowded to me. On the other hand, I like the color and variety. It’s adventure. I like finding treasures. I like to look for treats I can’t get anywhere else (such as red bean paste)..and explore new culinary discoveries…and stock up!


Ted’s mom, the girls and I spent some time resting at Hing Hay Park while Ted and his dad tracked down some roast duck. I wanted to get a picture of the pagoda with both the Smith Tower and the Columbia Center (that’s the name I still use for it!): the tallest building and the building that once was the tallest in Seattle…


The pergola is enchanting and so is its history. I remember walking past Pioneer Square while it was still being repaired.


The view of the city from the boat. On the way home I was feeling pretty tired after a day of walking with Elisabeth on my back.

I wasn’t the only one feeling tired….

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